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Space Combat - added in Alpha 0.4
Fight against other players and NPCs in epic space battles. In addition to open-world combat, we plan to add asteroid fields where you can fight against other space ships and use the asteroids as cover.

Space Stations - added in Alpha 0.4
Space stations are like cities, but in space. They will offer missions in the nearby sector, a variety of services such as a bank for storage, an intergalactic market, and more.

Scenarios and Phasing - added in Alpha 0.6
In Scenarios, you will experience stories at first hand. Defend a village, infiltrate an enemy base, and much more. Phasing will make changes to the world that happen during scenarios persistent, e.g. a destroyed village will stay destroyed for you, but not for other players who haven't completed that scenario.

Dungeons - added in Alpha 0.5
In Dungeons, you and your allies can fight against powerful enemies. They are not only stronger, they often require certain tactics to kill. But if you manage to defeat them, you will get rare or even epic loot!

Dungeons will be procedurally generated, therefore they will always be different, with varying bosses and rooms.

To play with others, you will have access to a Dungeon Queue (part of the community features, see below) that will work cross-server so you can play with your friends or strangers from the other side of the world.

Talents - added in Alpha 0.3.2
Talents will allow you to customize the way you play your character. For example, those are some of the planned talents for the Fire Staff:

Critical temperature
Whenever an ability of yours deals critical fire damage, you gain "Still hot" for 3 seconds. If one of your abilities deals critical fire damage while "Still hot" is active, you gain "Critical temperature", allowing you to cast "Flame cocoon".

Burn from within
Increases the chance that Ignite hits critical by 10 percent.

Big fireballs
Increases the damage of Fireball by 5 percent.

Heating up
Whenever you cast fireball, your staff is heating up. When your staff is hot enough, you are able to cast "Flame thrower", a cast that deals a huge amount of damage and releases all of the heat in your staff.

Achievements - added in Alpha 0.3.2
Achievements will offer additional challenges, e.g. defeat a boss in a certain way that makes it more difficult but normally doesn't reward you with any extra thing. We want certain achievements to give you specials like skins for your armor or other cosmetic stuff and titles for your character, e.g. Defender of the Frozen Desert.

Fight against other players on procedurally generated maps. We plan to support battles of up to 40 vs. 40 players. Like for dungeons, there will also be a cross-server queue for battlefields (part of the community features, see below).

Mod Support & User-Generated Content
We have designed the game in a way that allows us to easily add mod support through an API. Most of the content is already defined in XML, including characters, quests, planets, items, abilities, buffs, ... This makes it easy to understand even for non-programmers and almost everyone can add something to the game.

We will also add a way to create and upload custom maps that can be played on space stations and some high-level space ships that are equipped with holographic projectors. So if you're on a longer flight through space, you can spend your time playing a jump'n'run or RPG map.

Official Servers
Servers hosted by us. We plan to support up to millions of players per logical server by splitting the load between multiple physical servers. This is possible because every planet can be assigned to a server independently and the universe is pretty big so it's very unlikely that there are thousands of players on the same planet.

Because hosting a server is costly, access to official servers will require a monthly subscription that will also include hosting of personal servers with mods, meaning we host those servers with no limit in the number of players per server. You will not need a subscription to play the game - but certain features are probably more fun on official servers.

Community Features
We plan to add community functions such as a server list, a friend list, and a cross-server chat until Spring 2022. We will also develop a character synchronization feature that allows you to play on any server with the same character (server owners may restrict the source of those characters).

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