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Space combat (work in progress)
  • NPC space ships now randomly spawn in the universe and can be attacked. There is currently no loot or XP (coming soon).
  • Added new spaceship for Ancient Empire.
  • The ship status displays now allow you to equip ship modules.

Space stations (work in progress)
  • Space stations are the main hubs of the sector, allowing you to trade goods, learn new skills, and much more.
  • Added new space stations for both factions (one each)

Dungeons (work in progress)
  • Added giant jungle tree dungeon
  • Added giant mushroom
  • Added Tower of the Elements
  • Dungeons are still empty and are just added in preparation for Alpha 0.5.0.

  • Fireballs now actually collide with enemies and blocks
  • Large fireball now hits 2 targets in its path
  • Explosions no longer do damage through walls

  • Improved look of water
  • Improved rendering performance
  • Improved loading performance
  • Added signs that can be written by player
  • Added more crafting recipes
  • Added ability to call the spaceship to the player's position
  • Fixed a (rare) crash
  • A lot of small bug fixes

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