GameNewsMediaForumsPlay nowGameThe UniverseA galaxy full of opportunitiesBillions of billions of stars, and almost as many planets. Your spaceship will take you to worlds no one has seen before.A realistic night skyEverything you see in the night sky actually exists. Stars, other planets, and beautiful space nebulae. Even the day and night cycle is based on the actual position and rotation of the planet you're on.PlanetsTerraAn earth-like planet with dangerous jungles, giant snow-covered mountains, wide plains, and much more.LuminousAn exotic planet with mushrooms that glow in the dark, red deserts, and dark forests.LunarMoon-like planet with some rare materials that cannot be found on other planets, like lunar essence from lunar elementals and Mithril ore.QuestsEpic storiesFor the first time in a block-based game there are quest lines that tell stories, consisting of multiple quests. For example, collect ingredients for an elixir, release petrified villagers, and kill the witch that is behind the curse.Scenarios & Phasing (coming soon)Phasing will literally change the world. For example, in a scenario, a village may be destroyed in an attack. Phasing will allow the village to stay destroyed and you will get different quests from the survivors (if there are any).BuildingMini BlocksMini Blocks (0.5 m) allow you to build more detailed. There is almost no limit on how high or how deep you can build - the sea level is at 500 blocks and the maximum height is 4096 blocks.Furniture & moreFill and decorate your house with lots of different furniture and decorative items.Intelligent building systemYour matter manipulator allows you to place multiple blocks at once. It will place them intelligently on adjacent blocks of the same material.More featuresCombat systemChoose a weapon and fight! Your abilities depend on your currently equipped weapon and you will unlock more while you gain more experience.ProfessionsCraft a variety of things, such as furniture, armor, building blocks, and a hang glider!Single- & MultiplayerPlay alone or with your friends. You can host your own server or play on other people's servers. (A server search is coming soon.)Coming soonSpace combat (coming Fall 2019)Fight against other players and NPCs in epic space battles.Dungeons (coming Winter 2019/2020)Fight against the strongest enemies and get the best loot in dungeons. But beware, some of them are too strong for you alone.And more...Even more features will be added as the game develops, such as space stations, battlefields, mod support, achievements, ...

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