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A galaxy full of opportunitiesBillions of billions of stars, and almost as many planets. Your spaceship will take you to worlds no one has seen before.
Fight in space battlesFight other ships in space battles and visit space stations to upgrade your ship.
PlanetsTerraEarth-like planets with dangerous jungles, giant snow-covered mountains, wide plains, and much more.LuminousExotic planets with mushrooms that glow in the dark, red deserts, and dark forests.LunarMoon-like planets with some rare materials that cannot be found on other planets, like lunar essence from lunar elementals and Mithril ore.QuestsEpic storiesDive into epic stories, consisting of multiple quests. Help a village getting rid of an evil witch's curse, collect pirate treasures, and much more.Scenarios & PhasingPhasing literally changes the world. For example, in a scenario, a village may be destroyed in an attack. Phasing allows the village to stay destroyed and you will get different quests from the survivors - if there are any.Dungeons
Fight against powerful enemiesFight against the strongest enemies and get the best loot in dungeons.
Team up with your friendsJoin a group of up to 5 players to stand a chance against such mighty foes. But don't worry: if your group is smaller, NPCs will aid you.
Character progression
Choose your weaponChoose a weapon and fight! Are you a mage or do you prefer wielding mighty swords?
Reach level 50Gain experience to unlock new abilities and learn talents to make them even stronger.
ProfessionsCraft a variety of things, such as furniture, armor, building blocks, and a hang glider!
Coming soonBattlefields (coming in Beta 1.1)Fight against other players on battlefields. Don't forget to bring some tanks!Mod support (coming in Beta 1.0)Customize your experience with community content and mods.

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