Support Information about in-development games
What are in-development games?
Games that are in development are not finished products. We release some games during the development to give players the opportunity to play the game early and get involved in the development process through feedback and suggestions.

Are in-development games cheaper?
Yes. We sell games in development for a lower price than the full version because players buy an unfinished product with some risks (see below).

Do I need to buy the full version?
No. If you buy a game during development you will automatically receive the full version as soon as it is released.

What are the risks with in-development games?
Games in development may change, sometimes in ways not known when they are first released. Some features may not or only partly be available in the full version.
Despite greatest efforts there is a chance that games may not be finished. If we cannot continue development on a game, we will inform players on the product page in a timely manner.

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