Testing of the Alpha 0.3.0 Update has begunA new update is now available for testing. You can simply sign up and download the launcher to play the demo.

Main features
  • Villages
  • Storylines
  • Character stats
  • Animations
  • NPC AI

Villages are the main quest hubs in Cube Universe. Currently, you can find quests in the forest, taiga, desert, and jungle villages - and we will add more soon.

There are now follow-up quests for some randomly generated quests. For example, in the forest there is a quest where you have to get some ingredients and then use an elixir in the follow-up quest.

Character stats
Character stats now work (except for dexterity) and are displayed in the inventory/character window.

Animations now work for all species.

NPCs now have ranged and melee abilities and can use casts (e.g. lightning for the Wind Elemental).

Blocks and stuff
  • Added fences, doors, chairs, tables, and torches
  • Logs can now be placed sideways

  • Added a lot of new quests
  • Added new quest objective types:
    • Interact with NPCs
    • Talk to NPCs
    • Interact with models (e.g. bushes)
    • Generate structures for quests (witch hut, pirate ship, etc.)

  • New species: Mej'it
  • Updated character creation and added customization
  • Some species now have traits, e.g. less fall damage for Krainos
  • Equipment now shown on character
  • Vendors
  • Quest log
  • You can now get drunk in the game. Yay!
  • Custom mouse cursor
  • Character now rendered in inventory window
  • Cast bar now shown below character name
  • Updated space ship model
  • Added camera outside the space ship (currently no use other than to look cool)
  • Changed font
  • Added scroll bars to UI
  • Added sound in background option
  • Added /roll chat command
  • Improved loot messages

Bug fixes
  • Fixed GPU memory leak caused by text rendering
  • Fixed game hanging in rare cases when interacting with NPCs
  • Fixed crash related to universe
  • A lot of other fixes
Alpha Patch notesRead the current patch notes here.Testing of the Alpha 0.3.0 Update has begunWe have just released a new update that adds villages, storylines and more! Devlog #14: The Past, the Present, and the FutureLooking back and ahead into the past and future of Cube Universe.Quest Update Preview Released!We have released a preview of the Quest Update for you to play on the Public Test Version.Devlog #13: Villages & moreFind out what you will find in the new villages in this Devlog.

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