Update Alpha 0.3.2: Space shuttles, talents, achievementsUpdate Alpha 0.3.2 is now available and adds a lot of new features, content, and huge performance improvements.

Main features
Space shuttles
Fly in the planet's orbit and on the planet itself with your space shuttle.

Customize your character's abilities by spending talent points.

Track your progress in the game with achievements for quests and exploration. More achievements will be added with new features, such as dungeon and PvP achievements.

Patch notes
A lot has changed and it's just way too much to list here, so I'll keep it short.

Space shuttle
  • Added space shuttle
  • Disabled teleportation

Floating islands
  • Added floating island generation
  • Added floating island in the desert, including updraft that can be used with a hang glider

  • Several new quests
  • Improved code for quest generation

  • Added a couple new recipes

  • Added farming: plants can now grow and be harvested
  • Added wheat and wheat fields

  • Added talent window and multiple talents

  • Added achievements and achievement window

  • Fixed and improved AI
  • Pirate captain now has a strong AoE attack and uses it near the player

  • Updated textures, new models, ...
  • Greatly improved performance

  • Updated universe map

  • Added chests and other things that can store items
  • Tree leaves now decay when logs are removed, unless placed by player
  • Added chairs you can sit on
  • Added beds to sleep in and let time pass
  • A lot of big and small bug fixes
  • A lot of work in the background for future features such as dungeons and space combat
Update Alpha 0.3.2: Space shuttles, talents, achievementsThis update adds a lot of new features and huge performance improvements.Devlog #15: The Final FrontierThe space shuttle is here!Alpha Patch notesRead the current patch notes here.Testing of the Alpha 0.3.0 Update has begunWe have just released a new update that adds villages, storylines and more! Devlog #14: The Past, the Present, and the FutureLooking back and ahead into the past and future of Cube Universe.Quest Update Preview Released!We have released a preview of the Quest Update for you to play on the Public Test Version.Devlog #13: Villages & moreFind out what you will find in the new villages in this Devlog.

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