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The Space Update is here!Update Alpha 0.4 is now available and adds a lot of new features, content, and improved graphics.

Main features
Space combat
Fight against other players and NPCs in space.

Space stations
Upgrade your space ship, trade goods, and more on space stations.

Improved combat
Combat is now exactly 97.53% more fun and you can now be a Water Mage!

Patch notes
Here is a list of all changes since the last update.

Space combat
  • You can now fight against other players and NPCs in space
  • Added modules for space ships that can be used in combat, such as lasers
  • Added space pirates

Space stations
  • Added a new space station each for United Planets and Ancient Empire
  • Added spaceship laser module vendor

  • Added manual space flight
  • Added new space ship types
  • You can now rename your spaceship.

  • Added new weapon type: Water Staff (healer)
  • Added support for conjured followers, such as a water elemental for Water Staff
  • Fireballs can now be launched in any direction
  • Equipment now loses durability in combat and on player death
  • Witch of the Forest and Raptor Matriarch now have new powerful abilities.

  • Added profession trainers
  • Added new potions
  • Added new equipment recipes for both tailoring and blacksmithing
  • Added food that increases stats
  • Added repair kit
  • Added some decoration

  • Added weather
  • Added god rays
  • Improved water
  • Planets now rendered using voxels instead of spheres when nearby
  • Added color variation for several blocks, such as sand and grass
  • Player's body now shown in first person
  • Mushroom gills now emit light

  • Updated universe map
  • Redesign of server/savegame selection
  • Several small improvements, including clicking on a material in the crafting window to show its recipe, selecting text, tooltip for linked items in chat, ...

  • After releasing petrified villagers they are now actually released and thank the player.
  • You now have limited breath when under water or on a planet without an atmosphere (lunar).
  • Improved pathfinding
  • Can now drop items
  • NPC variation now is random
  • Optimized world loading
  • Added several dungeons in preparation for the next update
  • A lot of big and small bug fixes
  • Improved structure/spaceship editor, allowing copying and pasting of blocks
  • Improved character model editor
  • A lot of work in the background for future features such as dungeons
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