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Dungeon Preview and Winter Sale!Merry Christmas!
Our Winter Sale has started! Save 20% on Cube Universe until January 4th, 5 pm (GMT).

We just released an update adding a preview of the first dungeon boss in the jungle tree.

When entering the dungeon, you will spawn with a group of NPCs who help you. Focus the witches because they give you a stacking debuff that increases shadow damage taken.

When you reach the boss, make sure to kill the spawned water elemental because it heals the boss.

Also in this update:
  • New ability for Fire Staffs: Cauterize
    Cauterizes your wounds, healing you but also causing you to burn over time.
  • New ability and new talents for Water Staffs
  • Players can now relearn their talents on the spaceship
  • NPCs now avoid stacking onto each other in most cases
  • Some small bugfixes
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