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The world has changed.The current update changes the world generation and adds the Feallan planet. On top of that, more content has been added, such as new dungeons, new quests, new items, and new crafting recipes.

World generation
For a long time the world generation was done by defining the height and temperature of the terrain and then placing biomes accordingly, e.g. low terrain became ocean and cold terrain became snow. This had the disadvantage that certain things like swamps and beaches weren't possible.

All of this changes now, biomes are generated first and then the height is being determined, so the mushroom forest became a swamp, there are now deep oceans and distinct mountain biomes. On top of that, the terrain is generally more interesting with more small hills, valleys, and dunes instead of being supposedly realistic and flat.

Feallan planets

Alien-looking planets with withered forests and black deserts.

Bandit Mine

A new dungeon with four bosses awaits you in an abandoned mine in the forest. Bandits have built a base there and wont share their treasures.

Tower of Ice

The Tower of Ice has been redesigned and two new bosses have been added. Free the captured Floranian botanist and defeat the Frozen Servant on your way to the dark wizard, who waits for you at the top.

Many new quests have been added and the quest system has been improved significantly. Scenarios let you experience stories in a new, more immersive way. Some quests allow you to make decisions that will change the outcome for everyone involved. Innkeepers, mayors, and others will tell you rumors about nearby quests, making it easier to find them.

Many more things have changed since the last patch notes:
  • New weapon: Shadow Staff
  • New professions: Jewelcrafting and Enchanting
  • Many new items
  • Changed tree shape and density
  • Improved performance
  • Bugfixes
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Comments2022-10-21, 09:55 pmLooks awesum thats a phat update!

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