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Into the Volcanic DepthsThe new update Alpha 0.6.2 adds a new dungeon and the associated quest line.

Volcanic Depths
Deep in the jungles of the Terra planets volcanoes have formed. Inside them slumber fierce creatures. There are tales about a Spirit of Fire, an elemental that is formed out of molten rock. Geologists believe that those spirits are causing volcanoes to erupt.

Venture into the Volcanic Depths and prevent the eruption.

  • New dungeon: Volcanic Depths
  • New quest line: Into the Volcano
  • Water Staff

    • New Ability: Bubble of Transformation
      Envelops the target in a bubble that heals attackers for 20 percent of the damage done.

  • Fire Staff

    • New Talent: Fiery Escape
      Whenever damage would kill you, Cauterize is triggered to prevent your death if it is not on cooldown. Cauterize cannot be used for 5 minutes after this effect occurs.

  • Improved spaceship controls
  • Improved models for all elementals
  • New achievements for defeating all bosses in each dungeon
  • The game now automatically loads the last savegame or connects to the last server on startup.
  • Performance improvements and bugfixes

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