Devlog #13: Villages & moreOver the last few months, we have been working on adding villages, more quests, and animations.

Adding villages to a procedurally generated world is no trivial task. Well, maybe it is, but we also wanted to have roads between the villages and have the villages function as quest hubs, which makes everything much harder.


First of all, generating roads was not easy, we had to find a reasonable path between villages, meaning the roads should not go through water, through cave entrances, or over steep hills, which basically means we had to implement some kind of path finding, but it also had to be fast because the roads are long. It took some time, but it now works, even though we will need to write some more code to have tunnels and bridges in the future.

You may not have noticed, but there are no trees on the road. Sounds simple, just test whether the tree and the road intersect and don't generate the tree. Well, yeah, it kind of is like that, but the actual test whether they intersect is not easy to optimize. There are a lot of objects and you want it to be very fast. And in order to generate the quests, villages, and roads, we had to generate a large part of the world, multiple km² in size, all during your 20-30 seconds of loading screen.


This is one of the villages. Currently, there are only those jungle huts and regular houses, but we want to add more before we release the update. We also want the houses to be positioned along the roads if possible.

Villages will be quest hubs, with storylines like rescue a missing child, investigate why those monkeys have become aggressive, etc.

Quest phasing
We have added a lot of the code for the quest phasing, but there is nothing visible yet. You basically have regions that have multiple phases, e.g. a village may be cursed and you have to kill witches, rescue petrified villagers, etc. - and when you're done, the village will be normal again.

Other stuff
We've added a lot of small things and fixed a lot of bugs.
  • Updated models and animations
  • Fences and torches
  • UI: Scroll bars and custom mouse cursor
  • Beosar Launcher now supports shortcuts for starting a game
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