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Quest Update Preview Released!We have released a preview of the Quest Update for you to play on the Public Test Version. It has some cool features, but it is not fully finished yet and there is some preliminary stuff in it that will change in the finished version, but we think it's still worth trying it out.

Main features
  • Villages
  • Storylines
  • Character stats
  • Animations
  • NPC AI

Currently, 3 types of villages are being generated: A forest village, a jungle village with huts, and a default village in all other biomes (will be replaced). The jungle and forest villages have quests, the other ones don't have quests currently. The houses are currently just randomly placed, but they will be placed in some meaningful way in the future. There are also paths connecting the villages.

There are now follow-up quests for some randomly generated quests. For example, in the forest there is a quest where you have to get some ingredients and then use an elixir in the follow-up quest.
We've added some code to support phasing (e.g. a village that is destroyed after an attack), but it is not yet fully finished.

Character stats
Character stats now work (except for dexterity) and are displayed in the inventory/character window.

Animations now work for some species. They exist for all characters, but not all are used yet.

NPCs now have ranged and melee abilities and can use casts (e.g. lightning for the Wind Elemental).

Blocks and stuff
  • Added fences and torches
  • Logs can now be placed sideways

  • Added new quest objective types:
    • Interact with NPCs
    • Interact with models (e.g. bushes)

  • New species: Mej'it
  • Custom mouse cursor
  • Cast bar now shown below character name
  • Updated space ship model
  • Added camera outside the space ship (currently no use other than to look cool)
  • Changed font
  • Added scroll bars to UI
  • Added sound in background option
  • Added /roll chat command
  • Improved loot messages

Bug fixes
  • Fixed GPU memory leak caused by text rendering
  • Fixed game hanging in rare cases when interacting with NPCs
  • Fixed crash related to universe

Known bugs
  • Expect some lag, some new features are not fully optimized
  • There are too many NPCs, they currently overlap (different quest and non-quest NPCs spawn in the same location)
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