Alpha Patch notesHere are the latest patch notes for Cube Universe. You can always find the most recent patch notes in the forums as not all small updates are worth a news article.

Here is what has changed since the last news.

  • New Quest: The Raging Wind Elementals

  • Added new recipes for torches, a rope ladder, furniture, and more

  • Sword
    • New ability: Deathstab
      Deals a large amount of damage to the target and heals the player. Only usable when target has less than 35% health. Consumes one stack of "Furious". 20 second cooldown.
    • "Smash" and "Sword spin" now require at least one stack of "Furious" to be used.
    • Increased damage for sword abilities
  • Fire Staff
    • New ability: Large fireball
      Deals twice the damage of a "Fireball" but has a 2 second cast time and 6 second cooldown.

  • You can now attack players of the rivaling faction
  • Interacting with players from a rivaling faction is no longer possible

  • Changed how torch light is rendered - it now uses volumetric lighting like the sunlight
  • Changed torch light color

  • Improved UI to make some things easier to understand, especially crafting and the fact that you have a flashlight and just need to craft a better one in the tutorial quest
  • NPC dialog window now stays open after accepting or turning in a quest if there is another quest (including follow-up quests) that can be accepted or turned in
  • Newly available abilities are now automatically added to the ability bar on level up
  • Abilities are now shown in grey if they cannot be used
  • Added error message when trying to eat while in combat
  • Search in crafting window now includes material names
  • Block placement preview can now be disabled in the settings

  • Improved tutorial
  • Reduced number of NPCs in the world
  • Changed sell prices for items
  • Increased flashlight brightness and range
  • Increased maximum hunger to 2000
  • Updated several textures and character models
  • A lot of small bug fixes
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